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More Funny Behavior - 1D Width and Height

Started by Rich_Cohen, June 30, 2012, 09:11:24 AM

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I'm wondering if I have a damaged copy of Visio.  Can someone please confirm this:  Draw two boxes one above the other, but not lined up exactly.  Now add a default right angle connector from the bottom handle of the top box to the top handle of the bottom.  Open the shape sheet for the connector and observe its width value.  Now move one of the two boxes horizontally until the connector becomes a straight line.  One my computer the width gradually decreases until it becomes .25 inches.  It stays at that value until the boxes move out of alignment in the opposite direction.  They it jumps to -.25 and stays there until the actual width reaches that value and then it starts tracking again.  Does this happen for you?  I've spent about 3 hours trying to understand some strange behavior is a custom control I'm trying to build and I finally pinned it down the this "feature."

By the way the Microsoft library says the following about the width cell:

Contains the width of the selected shape in drawing units. The default formula for determining the width of a 1-D shape is:

= SQRT((EndX - BeginX) ^ 2 + (EndY - BeginY) ^ 2)


I don't believe the above is correct. <grin>  It looks like someone has confused width with distance.

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