Comm-Link dynamic connector behavior

Started by Bubba2413, June 23, 2012, 05:13:16 AM

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Hi everyone.  I'm tying to tweak the native 'comm-link' connector (lightning bolt) behavior, but am missing SOMEthing..  darned if I can find it though...
Given two network shapes.  If I connect them with a standard dynamic straight-line connector, the connector seems to snap to the net shape geometry, and behaves as if it's glued to the center of the shape.  If I repeat the same process with a comm-link connector, the connector only seems to link to the vertical/horizontal mid-points of the shapes.

I've opened the shape sheets for both connectors, and excluding the geometry, tried to match each and every item, but still can't get them to behave the same....  I've attached a little visio (2010) vsd to illustrate.

What am I missing?

Paul Herber

The important celll here is ObjType in the Miscellaneous section. The comms-link shape = 0, the routable connector = 2.
Changing the value will certainly break the shapes though.
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ok.. that seems to make the ends snap to shape geometries.. as if the end points ar eat the center of the connected shapes....

and you're right.  it DOES break the shape  The geometry gets whacked.

I'm noticing that one of the geometry changes that happens is that one geometry line becomes a 'NURBSTo'.  I'm looking through the developer documentation, but I guess my geometry skill are substandard because I'm not really getting the concept.  But I have a thread to pull at as time permits. 

Given that the comm-link is a connector, I'd have thought that after all these years someone would have tweaked the behavior......  on the other-hand..  Since apparently I'm alone in wanting this after all these years...   Still it bugs me.  there HAS to be a way..I'm just not smart-enough on this yet to know how...