Set Default Theme?

Started by mcquigg55, June 14, 2012, 03:15:00 PM

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Is there any way to set my default theme to "No Theme" ?  If not, how would I go about setting a custom theme to my default theme?  (It's really less about the color than that blasted shadow, although the color bits are pretty annouing too.)


Sorry to drag up an old topic, but I have the same question - albeit for version 1910 so 2016 iirc.

any document I do defaults to the default "Professional - Office Theme" which is blue.

Any stencil shows as blue and its really annoying - How can I change the default for anything new to be "no theme" without doing it manually on a page by page basis?




That works for existing - but I'm talking if I do file New - Basic Diagram (I want to loose the theme from that)


Remove all themes from exist document, and save it as vstx-file (template).