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Started by newso, June 13, 2012, 11:41:48 AM

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Hi All, I'll start off by saying that I'm a total newbie to Visio, so apologies if this seems a stupid question.

I'm using Visio 2007 and have some pre-existing Visio shapes of our servers within a template. Each shape has the ability to be right-clicked to select front or rear views of the server. Could someone explain to me how this is done?

Also, could anyone suggest a good reference book that covers basics and also delves into the slightly more complex features of Visio (bearing in mind that I will mainly be using Visio to create network icons for use by other people within network diagrams). I have an account with and have been through the Visio 2007 Essential Training, but most of that is pretty obvious and basic stuff, so I would like to move on to the next level.

Many thanks.


Paul Herber

It's probably something like:
take the two shapes (front and rear views)
group them, add an action menu to the group, this menu's action is to control the visibility of the two sub-shapes.
Then change the group properties to prevent the sub-shapes being selected (i.e set the shape to group-only select).
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Chris has a list of reference books that pretty much cover what you will need.
For the basics
followed closely by Graham Wideman's book and David Edson's book.