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Intel Server Stencils

Started by Fearl3SS, March 16, 2012, 09:50:23 AM

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Hi there, I am newbie to this forum..
SO this might be posted at the wrong place.
I wonder if anyone can help me out.

I am busy (Once again) Doing a Network/Rack layout diagram for a Client.

Sovar I have not found Stencils for Genuine Intel Servers.
Does anyone have link or have stencils for Genuine Intel servers?


well, visiocafe ( doesn't list any, and neither does the intel site ( Final resort pay for them. I use netzoom (often enough that I recover the cost from my billing hours).



Intel Server Visio stencils CAN be found on visiocafe, listed here:

for a zipped Visio Intel, Server template pack download, click here:

just an FYI, I do all the submittals and as-builts in-house for a telecom cabling contractor im employed by.. it isnt necessary to use specifically an Intel rack but to just be representative of whats to be(en) installed.. not sure of your use for these stencils. dont drive yourself crazy with it. a racks gonna be a rack, all branding aside


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