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Connectors and the Connector Layer

Started by whirlpool1, April 17, 2012, 02:09:08 PM

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Hi all,

Anyone know how I can make it so that a Connector (when drawn) does not automatically go on the Connector layer, and is instead (No Layer).  I am using Visio 2007.
I have a template, so I would like to make the change such that all Connectors drawn in the template lose this layer association.

Build it and they will come...


You'll have to edit the master shape that you're using and then save it to a custom stencil.


Thanks Al,

I 'think' I have done something similar, which 'seems' to work.
I opened up my template (empty drawing), drew a simple connector, went to the Drawing Explorer, and under the Master Stencils lay the Dynamic Connector master shape, I edited the layer on this (connector) so it didnt have a layer.  Then I deleted the connector Id drawn in the drawing, but left the master shape alone in the Drawing Explorer.

When I now add connectors into the drawing, they do not have a layer associated with them.
Hope this doesn't have any flaws, as it seems to work a treat  ;D

Build it and they will come...

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