Author Topic: Free Visio addin to make it easier to work with large and complex diagrams  (Read 8331 times)

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How do you quickly and easily take a spreadsheet of basic Cabinet data including width and depth attributes and layout and organise that quickly on an accurate floor plan? How do you organise complex topology diagrams? Or publish diagrams with multiple data graphics into a web format for intranet portals?

Square Mile Systems has produced a free Visio addin which is particularly aimed at making data center documentation (DCIM) that little bit easier.

- Automatic re-sizing of cabinet shapes on accurate scale drawings of floor plans using width/depth attributes (shape data)
- Automated layout in rows or columns
- Organizing and filtering complex network, application and service impact topology diagrams
- Saving pages in web format automatically with multiple data graphics applied for publishing to dashboards and intranet portals

For more details and how to download, see:

There are 3 short videos to explain features of the tool:


Comments and feedback also welcome! Is this sort of thing useful? How could it be improved?