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Started by gruenefeder, September 30, 2008, 04:10:35 PM

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I'm using the Visio Viewer in a HTML-Page to display Visio files. Is it possible to use a javascript-command as a hyperlink of a shape in Visio calling a javascript-function embedded in the HTML-Template? I'm thankful for any provided information!


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Servus Daniel,

The Visio Viewer seems to me to be sort of a very light-weight Visio control. Therefore, I would think that it would be difficult for shapes to somehow talk to the browser/html-document using javascript. Maybe I'm wrong, but this sounds to me that the answer is probably "no".

But if you want to do something fancy in the Save As Web html-export, have a look at some of the work that John Goldsmith has been doing. There's a list of his articles in this Visio Guy post:

Improving Visio's Save As Web Feature

What are you trying to do? Or rather, what isn't working? :)
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