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Visio shapes & measurements

Started by xpkranger, February 03, 2012, 02:10:23 PM

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So I add a room from the "Walls, Doors and Windows" stencil and it has a built in measurement of 8' x 10' (for example).  This measurement is displayed when I select the object.  However, if I add a horizontal rule, the measurement is vastly different.  How do I get the two measurements on the same scale?  I need to use both.  Thanks!

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Paul Herber

What about if you use the plain Horizontal shape rather than Horizontal.24?
Horizontal works just fine here.
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It looks like you have made a custom stencil with the templates shapes.  Be sure to open the master shape in your custom stencil to make sure its setup in the shapesheet to use the page scale as reference.

Paul Herber

It appears that the OP has used shape search to find a "measure" shape. There are several visible, and because within any one stencil only one shape can have a certain name all the other measure shapes have had .xx added to their name there is no way of telling without investigation whether the one chosen (Horizontal.14) takes into account the drawing scale (looks like it doesn't). Try one of the others.
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