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Should I create a server multi-shape?

Started by connifer, February 03, 2012, 04:48:25 PM

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I am working on a complete revamp of our company's documentation.  One thing I am seriously considering is creating a server multi-shape.  At this time we have 20 server types in the corporate stencil I am building.  After considering, it seems like making 1 multi-shape would be a much better idea.  Then there is only one shape to manage, update, stencil, etc.  Also, it would allow me to change the application represented by the shape to anything with nothing more than a mouse click.  Further, once we get our CMDB cleaned up it would allow us to assign the server application icon via data connectivity eliminating the need to select entirely.

I am attaching vmware.vsd which shows the familiar server shape and a menu selector to show the server as a vmguest or not.  Adding the application icons would be merely an extension of this.

It seems to obvious not to do but, I haven't been able to find anyone who is doing it or asking about it.  Am I missing something or is this the better mousetrap?

Bill Nelson


Are you talking 1 shape that takes different forms based off some settings (color, size, feature)....if so, it will balloon up due to all the user cells involved

Are you talking 1 generic shape with a "whiteboard" to manual place some app icon....dont think that can be done in 1 click

I use the former, shapes can grow to a few hundred KB in size for something real complex...see below
double clock the blade to get will post up the specifics for that how the blade changes
Also right click for changing the shape geometries and such

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