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Visio 2007 Field Name Not Populating

Started by Nunzy83, January 15, 2013, 08:32:52 PM

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Hello all,

I have imported an Excel into Visio and I have had to make changes to the data hence add or remove Field Names for the New Data Bar feature.

I have noticed that the Data Field drop down doesn't really update if I remove  or add a field. Is there a work around for that? I don't mind it not removing fields but when I have to added data to my Excel, a field does not come up even when I browse under the More Fields Category.

I tried refreshing the data, relinking the data, editing New Data Graphic , creating a new New Data Graphic...nothing is working.

Ideas anyone?
Thanks in advance.


there's a possibility that the name may be invalid (as an example names with a preceding underscore by definition will not display).


Nope. Its all just text. Any other thoughts?


special characters, spaces, etc.? Do you know which fields are failing (what are their names).



So my excel specifies the departments in one column. I had to add "HR" as a department. Refreshed the data in Visio and see the change in the External Data window but is not populating as a field in the Data Graphics.


The only time Visio populates the shapedata fields in the shapesheet is the initial connection, refresh changes nothing beyond the data in the already named field. If you change the column names in the spreadsheet you have to relink the data to the drawing (can be messy because Visio doesn't clean up shapes that may have been previously linked).

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