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Need to save thousands of Visio 2002 files to Visio 2003 programmatically

Started by Jatin Sitapara, January 18, 2012, 05:27:46 AM

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Jatin Sitapara

Hi Visio Gurus,

I have been stuck in a priority task for saving thousands of Visio 2002 files to Visio 2003 programmatically.
Actual task was to change the FillPattern of thousands of Visio 2002 files. I did manage it in VB6 programme.
These files are created using Visio 2002 or older version.
Now while changing the FillPattern of the shapes of these files through my VB6 programme, it prompts the Save Options Warning message each and every time to save the file to Current Version of Visio!!!!

This message is annoying users to change the FillPatterns of thousands of such files.

For geeting rid of this Save Options Message, I used Application.AlertResponse in my VB6 code, but by doing so programme is throwing error prompting .Cancel :-(

If I save the file manually to current version and run the VB6 application, it works fine for changing the FillPattern.
But I don't want to save the thousands of Visio 2002 files to Visio 2003 manually. Need to do it programmatically.

Please help me on this urgently, would be really appreciated.

Any kind of code for saving mulltiple Visio 2002 files to Visio 2003 will do.

Jatin Sitapara
+91 770 970 9994

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