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Shape search fails for braces and brackets

Started by Jennifer, January 16, 2012, 02:33:51 AM

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The Search for Shapes function is unable to find some shapes, such as brackets and braces. It is able to find other shapes. If I search for "brace", "braces", "bracket", or "brackets", I get "Could not find a match". But if I search for "callout" ot "timeline", it finds shapes that include braces and brackets.

This used to work.

Can anyone shed any light on what might be wrong?

Using Visio 2003 Pro SP3
Using Visio 2019, part of Office 365 on Windows 10


well, if "it used to work", my bet is that you may have found them as part of the internet search that was previously available. Internet support (the Microsoft servers at least) was dropped.


I've found the search function to be unreliable at best.  I tried the search for "bracket" (V2010) and it failled.  Searched for callout, that worked, plus a few others.  Then tried bracket again, and it worked.  Beyond that, no explanation for it's behavior.

Visio 2019 Pro


aledlund: I'm pretty sure that it was only searching the installed shapes. I could be wrong, of course.  :P

wapperdude: "bracket" failed for me both before and after searches that included bracket shapes.


Thanks for the help.
Using Visio 2019, part of Office 365 on Windows 10

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