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ShapeSheet: show BOTH formula AND value

Started by gwideman, January 05, 2012, 11:02:06 PM

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How about a mode in the ShapeSheet window to show both formula and value at the same time.  Developers and shapesheet enthusiasts surely have monitors that are 50% bigger than in 1994, so we can afford the space now!  This would save endless amounts of flipping between the two mode as we currently have to do to understand, refine and observe shape behavior.
-- Graham

Paul Herber

and show the local and universal forms of cells.
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It would already be helpful if you could toggle between the two modes more easyly.
For example if in Formula mode hit a key, for example F2 and "only see" the Resultmode.
To permanantly switch to result mode press Alt+F2 or sth. like that.

Or: When in formula mode and hoovering over a cell with the mouse cursor, the result could be shown.


I can certainly see the utility in Jumpy's suggestions, but they don't cover the case that I struggle with most.

For example, if I'm developing shapes with complicated interactions between parent (group) and child shapes, I really need to be able to see what cells are changing in value, live, as I move something, and correlate that with which formulas refer to what.  This is inordinately hindered by being able to see just formula, or just value.

-- Graham


I agree 100% Graham.  To see that interaction is crucial and would make the development process so much more efficient.

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