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Update 'Shape' and all of its instances?

Started by Gregory Jackson, January 31, 2012, 08:26:58 PM

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Gregory Jackson

Does anyone recall  a feature or bug or maybe I am imagining this whole scenario. But I recall once I was editing a particular element in a stencil, after I completed my edits I selected save updated element after I hit save and update another window popped up and prompted  me if I wanted to update all instances of this elements with these changes select yes or no or something like that.

Does anyone recall this behavior or was I imagining it?




I recall it. It wasn't a bug.

Gregory Jackson

Well I'm using 2007 and I am not getting this message anymore when I update a stencil any reason why?



Paul Herber

This is just normal behaviour when you edit a shape in the document stencil. Any shape in the document that is still linked to this shape may be updated by editing the master in the document stencil.
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