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Started by YossiD, November 10, 2011, 02:04:23 PM

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Is there a way to change the points at which one shape snaps to another or to a guide? I can only manage to get a shape to snap at its edges or at the center, but often I want a shape to snap at a point I define. Something like moving the pin, but for snap rather than rotate.

I have tried all kinds of snap settings, but that didn't make any difference.

Of course I can make temporary shapes, but I'd rather have a way to do it directly.

(Still) using Visio 2003.


Fundamentally, no.  If you bring up the snap and glue menu, then click on help, it explains the various snapping, what might be a workaround would be to make your shape, then add two lines that intersect at the desired point.  Put these lines behind the shape and then group.  You may have to go into the advanced settings of the menu and play with the snapping strength settings.

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Well, I don't think that works.

Another option might be to open the shapesheet, set the LocPinX and LocPinY coordinates to the desired spot in the shape. This effectively moves the shapes center, but not the center of the shape.   :o

For snapping to geometry, that functions on center of shape.  But, for placement, that functions on the LocPin coordinates, the shape center, in effect.  While that doesn't help snapping, it does allow you to use the Size and Position Window to precisely place the shape.   :P

Perhaps this approach is of value?   ???

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