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Adjustable Numbered Equipment Rack

Started by vega791, October 11, 2011, 05:58:14 AM

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I'm trying to figure out how to insert a network equipment rack with both sides numbered with the RMU's, where when you adjust the vertical length, it increases/decreases the RMU count.


what version of visio are you using?


If you open the rack diagram stencil and check out the rack shape you will discover that changing the "height in U's" shape data field, the rack will resize. All you need to do is make a copy of the shape and edit the numbers into the drawing similar to other rack shapes that you can find over on VisioCafe. Of course Chris did something interesting over here


Thanks!  I downloaded the stencil from the link and I can use that, but what I am looking for is for the RMU label on the sides of the rack.  Basically, on the right and left, counting 1,2,3...44 and have those numbers increase/decrease based on the verical height of the rack.  i.e., I want to look at my diagram and be able to say that this piece of equipment is installed between RMU's 22 and 26.


a.) to put those numbers on the image you have to modify the shape. That's why I suggested the VisioCafe so that you can look at those shapes and build one that looks like it.
b.) for a shape with smarts, there is already one in the 'rack-mounted equipment" stencil that comes with Visio. I'd suggest that you use that shape as your starting point.
c.) if you get tired of trying to re-engineer your personal rack shape, you might consider using Chris' tool.



Thanks for the help!  I was hoping there was already one out there so I can be lazy and not engineer one out.  On Chris' page, one of his comments led me to HP-Common - Racks and that gave me a ruler.  Its not adjustable except by me writing the number in the properties, but atleast it still looks professional.

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