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Shapes Changing When Placed in Stencil

Started by meppinger, August 30, 2011, 07:35:27 PM

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I'm using Visio 2007. I created a new Template based off the  Basic Electrical (US Units) template. I created a new stencil in my Template. When I drag the "Lamp" icon from the Fundamental Items stencil into my new stencil, it changes to "Non-Indicating" and "1 Line".

I've done this copying of other shapes the same way without any issues, the "Lamp" is the only one.

Can anyone help?

Thank you

Paul Herber

Are you copying the shape via the drawing page or copying and pasting direct from the stencil? I've just done a quick test and found that copying that shape to a page then moving to a stencil caues the effect as you state. Copying and pasting direct doesn't.
I think what's happening here is that when the shape gets dropped on a page various formulae get calculated, these can then break when the shape is put back in a stencil.
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