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Indexed Shapes: More Wacky Hand-drawn-looking Visio Shapes

Started by wapperdude, September 18, 2008, 02:22:52 AM

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A while back, I read Visio Guy's article about indexed shapes and realized that there were some fundamental shapes missing.  So, I've assembled some wacky shapes that have a hand-drawn look.  Enjoy!   8)

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Again, need to be logged in to see attachments.

Wapper, do you mind if i move your two posts into shapes and templates, don't think they belong in the "buy/sell and look for visio work( to be done)" section.

Visio Guy

Hi Lars,

I put a "sticky" in this board so people will see that then need to be logged in to see/download the content.

I think Wapper's stuff is ok here. He's just offering it to the community, without questions or discussion.
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He would probably sell it to you too if you wanted to offer him money! ::)



Money???  Hmmm.  That means PayPal acct?  Unfortunately, daughter has that tied up.   :'(

Actually, Visio Guy is correct, just offering these to the general community.  The effort to develop them was for personal usage and fun.  Then I realized, that there might be a small segment of the community that might find them helpful.  Didn't really target the development with a sellable, product in mind.

Having a place to post these is reward enough.

BTW, have some faces for Visio Guy's people, any interest?   ::)  :D
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These shapes are great.

Though i can't get the fill to work on the square  :(

Works good on the rest but i can't colour in my squares



Quick fix is to select the square, open its shapesheet, scroll down to the Geometry 1 section, set the Geometry1.NoFill cell to "False" or "0".

I'll update this in the near future.

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Here's an update to the wacky shapes.  I've added two new shapes.  The first is a fully deformable rectangle.  The lower left corner is fixed, but the three remaining corners each has a control point to move the corners about.  Great for the wacky, hand-drawn perspective or isometric drawing.  Retains all of the wacky features including line jitter randomization.

The 2nd, shown below, is a wacky, deformable cube.  It has 4 control points.  Actually, quite fun to contort.  But, allows some 3D imagineering!

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I have published a set of hand-drawn process flow shapes.  They can be used in regular flowcharts, but are ideally suited to swimlane diagrams.  There are the basic task, gateway and start/end shapes.  The idea is to keep the diagrams simple, but I have added a limited palette of BPMN icons for more complex diagrams. 

Process flows using these shapes have an informality that promotes discussion.

The can be downloaded from

I hope you enjoy using them.

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