Visio Drawing linked to list on Sharepoint 2010

Started by Qle, March 01, 2011, 04:21:52 AM

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I find this very weird (and frustrating) and am sure it is just a setting I am missing or a box I'm not checking, but as soon as I link/connect a list to a visio drawing on a sharepoint web part page, all "Sub-Address" hyperlinks (ie hyperlinks that point to the drawing's pages) no longer work...

Please could someone help me out on this.

Thank you.



I have the same problem and was hoping to find an answer here. I want to connect a Visio web part to a SharePoint list web part so when I click a shape in the drawing the list shows information about that shape. That works fine but the hyperlinks to sub-pages don't work any longer.

A solution anyone?