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Copy and Paste causes arrows to snap to connection points

Started by daven, July 12, 2011, 07:18:43 PM

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Hi all,

First post here so sorry if this is the wrong forum. I'm trying to copy and paste a visio 2010 diagram into Word 2010 (as Enhanced Metafile or embedded Visio Object), but whenever I do all my arrows get messed up and snap to connection points on boxes. I have disabled snap and glue using Alt-F9, but this still happens. I can get around it by saving the diagram as an enhanced metafile and imported the doc into word, but this is really tedious as I'm making lots of little changes as I go.

Any ideas? Is this a known "feature" or is there a workaround




You could try to group the shapes first and then Copy + Paste the whole group.


I always copy visio into word natively (no emf or jpg or or or).   Done so for 10+ problems.
(This approach allows you to edit the visio drawing from within word)

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