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Groups and Hyperlinks Problem

Started by vidu, June 22, 2011, 08:57:24 PM

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I am setting up hyperlinks for primary menu items which I want to use across pages. I read couple of articles and these are the steps I am following:

Step 1: Create a text block and hyperlink it. I am linking to pages in the same drawing. (repeating these steps till I have all my text links in place)

Step 2: I am grouping it all.

Step 3: Drag this group to my stencils and save the stencil.

I am facing two issues here:

1. If I group all the text links, these links cannot be clicked so the page is not linked (yes i am working on the foreground page)

2. After I drag the text link stencil into my drawing it has the original link I gave at step 1. But if I do any changes to the master shape by choosing Edit Master Shape, the link is not updated to the instance present in the drawing.  :(

Am i missing any step here. Please help me on this. thanks.


stencil updates do not update shapes in play

Go to document stencil (bottom of the stencil list)...update shape there and all of that kind of shape in play on this document are updated.   (no other document updated).


the other part is that the process of grouping the shapes changes the hyperlink performance (they should be on the grouped object unless you change how the subshapes are selected).


Vojo and Aledlund thanks for the response.

@ aledlund: Sorry, I dint get what you saying, can you please explain more in detail.

thanks again guys...

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