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Paste in picture (enhanced metafile) changes aspect ratio

Started by kiler40, July 04, 2013, 05:05:28 AM

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Hi everybody,
I`ve noticed that when you paste anything as "Paste special:  picture (enhanced metafile) It changes aspect ratio and gets shorter.

I`m using visio 2010.
It is little annoying.

Paul Herber

Just tried it here, with an EMF file generated by PaintShopPro, Paste, Paste Special, and Insert -> Picture all do the same, all ok, aspect ratio is correct.
I've also saved from Visio in EMF format, opened it in PSP, copied it and pasted into Visio. All correct.
(all done in Visio 2010)
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I have no idea how is that.

In the attachment is my steps.
I have tried this on different computers. We are using Visio standard edition 2010


what application are you copying from? (goes to maybe it isn't a paste issue but a copy issue)


Visio. this is the same work file.
I copy the shape and paste as picture with "enhanced metafile"

If i paste as normal picture, texts that are transparent (because of the need of the shape) become visible :)


can you share a drawing with the shape in it (a single page with the shape should do)? Are you pasting it to the same page, or a different page in the same document?


it is in the same page.

Here is the file.
one is complex shape, other is paste as picture with enhanced metafile.

If you paste as "picture" only - hidden numbers appear.

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