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Workaround For Problem Posting Code With "Chr (34)"

Started by Visio Guy, April 28, 2008, 08:58:14 AM

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Visio Guy

Hi All,

I've found that code snippets with "Chr (34)" in them causes this error:

Your session timed out while posting. Please try to re-submit your message.
No subject was filled in.
The message body was left empty.

and won't enable you to post.

The easy workaround is to add a space, ie: "Chr (34)"

I've had this problem on the blog as well, must be a PHP thing?
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O that must be why it wouldn't let me post! I fixed it by inserting a screen shot of my VBA code.
I've tested it on my Wordpress install, but it seems to be no problem, Wordpress wont allow PHP in posts though (not without a plugin).

Anyway, good to know theres a workaround


Think of this like DOS.

Strings must have quotes around them if the whole string is made of up of multiple characters/words that are separated with a space.

String = "My Value"

When programming you can include quotes in two ways:
Lets be crude and use VBS to write 2 Variables inside a HTML formatted file, using: oFile.WriteLine
The title is written without quotes, and the string is written with quotes in two different ways - both are valid.
oFile.WriteLine " <html> "
oFile.WriteLine " <head> "
oFile.WriteLine " <title>" & sTitle & "</title> "
oFile.WriteLine " </head> "
oFile.WriteLine " <body lang=EN-GB link=blue vlink=blue> "
oFile.WriteLine " Method 1: " & """ & sString & """
oFile.WriteLine " Method 2: " & chr(43) & sString & chr(34)
oFile.WriteLine " </body> "
oFile.WriteLine " </html> "

I don't know exactly about PHP; but it's effectively a HTML/on-the-fly with server side ASP/VB/Javascript processing... so they should be similar.

Hope it helps.

william slaney

oFile.WriteLine " Method 2: " & chr(43) & sString & chr(34)

A problem of dyslexia, 43 should be 34


Correcting such an old post shows a certain tendency to necrophilia. ;) :D


Still very good to keep old posts updated, sometimes you overlook these small typos losing a lot of time debugging something so straightforward.
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