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Drawing conversion issue

Started by ravikiran, August 14, 2008, 03:41:57 AM

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Hi, I am new to visio & working on some CAD drawing conversion.

I have a issue when I convert CAD drawing to visio shapes (followed the steps mentioned in help). Once the drawing conversion process is completed, I dont see anything on screen except the outline. If I select all (ctrl+A) I can see couple of outlines in magenta color but cannot see any drawing.

Can someone help me with this...? ???



Just to make sure its not something teribly basic...
Select everything and make sure you set the line collor to black (who knows?)
Also, you could check the drawing explorer window to make sure they are really converted into Visio shapes. If there not, something clearly got messed up.

As a bit of advice, in my experiance Visio handles older formats better. So try using an old AutoCAD (DWG) format.

Hope it helps


Thanks Erik. Its not the issue with line color. But I guess it was issue with CAD software I was using. I have OSDM in my system which can also create dwg drawings. Looks like Visio doesnt accept dwg format from any s/w other than AutoCAD. Thanks anyway...


.dwg is the AutoCAD format, like .doc is Word's format. Just like word, there are different versions of .doc (e.g. 1997 version, 2000 version etc). If you save a .doc with say, open office you can still open it in Word so there shouldn't be a difference in the way programs save the same file format. The same aplies here, whatever tool you use, .dwg should be the same format. So you should be able to open it in Visio. But some versions of the .dwg format are harder (more bugs) then others. Try saving it in an old version of the .dwg format, like the 2000 version, and opening that.

Alot of, if and should in there   ::)

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Try playing with the different extensions at your disposal. You might get lucky.

On the otherhad, it might be something like: OSDM saving its files in a way Visio doesn't expect and then I fear there might just be a compatibility problem... Which I doubt we could fix.

- Lars

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