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CISCO - What to use for a topology icon Layer 2 switch?

Started by virtuallywarped, April 13, 2011, 04:52:58 AM

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I have some cisco 3560 switches & I can't find a single topology icon in the cisco stencils for a layer 2 switch.  I found the "device icons" for these, but I was trying to find one of their "blue icons".  There are some other icons in the docs, but nothing that seems to be just for a layer 2 switch.

Any ideas?  I've spent like 2 hours looking, mostly out of being stubborn thinking that it must exist :-\



Thanks, but which one would be just a "layer 2" switch?  I found the "remote layer 2" switch & I wasn't sure if I should just use the ATM Switch stencil, or the "server switch"?

I have CISCO 3560's and I believe they are the V2 switches, so they would be layer 3, but for the couple of layer 2 switches, this is a nightmare to find a basic stencil from CISCO.  I searched & found one post from someone on some site and a bunch of folks were looking for the same thing.

Thanks again!


The 3560 is a router. 'Layer 3 switch' is Cisco marketing speak trying to make a cow look like a race horse.
Unless the router has only two connections (in/out) then it usually incorporates switch functionality (in order to support the multiple attachments).

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