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Hi to all once again,

Does anyone know how to link the text in a text box across pages?

In my template i have 5 pages with a border that contains Job Name and Info. I would like the user to be able to enter this info on the first page border and the other 4 borders on the other 4 pages would reflect the same info.

I have tried hyperlink to off page without success of transfering the text.

if name in a user cell....can reference that cell from any page in the drawing.

The trick or problem is that user has to drop the root or source shape in the same order each time used
 (on the first page....3rd shape dropped...etc)

You may be able to fence some of this off by having unique page name and shape name so that the
ordering of creation may not need to be that stringent

Alternatively, you could have a background page with a user cell.   All other pages reference that page user cell.   That background page only references the only 1 update needed...or even have the the root/source on that background page so that no updates needed

This smells a bit like a template approach

Visio Guy:
I think drew said he was setting up a template, so vojo's tip is correct.

So on, say, page 3, you could select a shape, then:

1. Go to Insert > Field
2. Choose Custom Formula from the list
3. Enter: pages[page-1]!User.jobName

That means, in the page's ShapeSheet on page 1, you'd have to store the job name in a user cell, or a shape data field (custom property)

You can get to the page's ShapeSheet by deselecting all shapes, then choosing Window > Show ShapeSheet.

****** Edit ****** sorry i fixed it by adding: =pages[Index]!thePage!User.JobName.

this should solve my issue. it will be template so that's OK.

Thanks for your input,

I must be something i'm doing or not doing.

My first page is called - Index
My second page is called - Video

I have created User.JobName on the Index page. (double checked)
I enter a custom field in the JobName text box on the Video page as follows:


Form some reason it won't accept it.

Not sure what i'm doing wrong. I've tried capitalising the "p" of "pages, tried adding the same User.JobName to the Video page and replacing Index with Video, still no go.

As i said, i'm sure it's me.

Thanks again.

need to include the sheet (shapename) after the page[index] but before !


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