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Competitor Analysis - Comparing org charts

Started by steven nunn, May 16, 2011, 12:42:24 AM

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steven nunn

We are trying to use Visio to visualise our data. We cannot find a way of grouping the data by firm and department in order to create competitor analysis in the form of organisational Charts

Is seems that visio doesn't like the idea that people work at different companies but in the same types of department.

Any suggestions on how to do this would be extremely welcomed.

Example data:

Company   Name                Department
Firm A   Feros, Erin    Banking & Finance
Firm A   Thatcher, Adam    Banking & Finance
Firm A   Evans, Chelsey    Corporate & Commercial
Firm A   James, Peter    Corporate & Commercial
Firm A   Zillmann, Ben    Energy & Resources
Firm A   Baartz, John    Litigation
Firm A   Pappalardo, Alf    Litigation
Firm A   Beckinsale, John    Property & Construction
Firm A   Niemann, Ren    Property & Construction
Firm A   Young, Dan    Property & Construction
Firm A   Newman, Paul    Property & Construction
Firm A   Allen, Peter    Tax
Firm A   Parkyn, Katrina    Tax
Firm B   Gallimore, John    Banking & Finance
Firm B   Ilott, Michael    Corporate & Commercial
Firm B   Knox, Andrew    Corporate & Commercial
Firm B   Greig, John    Energy & Resources
Firm B   Harrip, Tracey    Litigation
Firm B   Rankin, Geoffrey    Litigation
Firm B   Higgins, Grant    Property & Construction
Firm B   Davies, Tony    Property & Construction
Firm B   Millhouse, Alan    Property & Construction
Firm B   McCredie, Bill    Property & Construction

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