Page-turn Transition Effects?

Started by cliff50, March 29, 2011, 12:36:44 AM

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Since its a graphic effect discussion,

I kinda like the idea if a "page jump" could have a morph attribute to it. in lieu of an immediate switch from on page of shapes to another page of shapes , how hard would it be to "dissolve"  the graphic from old image (previous page)  onto new image (next page).. ah lah  Power Point.

Not sure if visio has this feature already, not sure how it could be executed with coding.

cheers !

Paul Herber

My personal take on this sort of thing is that it looks great the first couple of times you see it but it soon pales after that, and it would need to be able to be disabled permanently (because you know it will be very device driver dependant and it will cause crashes and other video problems). It's also the sort of thing that leads to the term "bloatware".
My 2p.
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Visio Guy

I suppose you could export each page as an image, then run a slide show.

This article has some simple VBA code to export all pages in a Visio document to image files.
Export All Pages in Document

I (somehow) have Windows Live Photo Gallery installed on my machine and it automatically does nice, fuzzy transitions from image to image, along with subtle pans and zooms to really make you feel like "those were the days" and jerk a tear or two no matter what you're looking at. The only thing it doesn't do is play the Forrest Gump soundtrack.
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