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Large number of stencils in template (Cisco...)

Started by rpatton, August 30, 2011, 06:47:39 PM

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  I have to define a Visio template for our network diagrams, to comply with our new architecture repository (Orbus iServer).  This changes the way we currently work with Visio, which is typically just using only the exact stencils of objects we need in a diagram.  Now we need a template that has all possible stencils which could be used to describe our network, this requires about 37 stencils from Cisco's sets due to the variety of routers, switches etc we have.  Basically, if a diagram uses an object which isn't on a stencil in the template, it will be rejected from the repository.

Now my questions - are there any tips on managing templates with this many stencils?  It seems to use over 100 MB just to open the template, and it is pretty slow to open as well.  It would also be helpful to get a sense of whether other people are strictly using the specific Cisco stencils, or are you just using the generic network stencil (even the Cisco generic one).  That would simplify things but our network team seems to like the actual router and module specific objects. 


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