Getting the "VISIO has stopped working and is shutting down" message

Started by Desert Guy, February 09, 2011, 03:47:28 PM

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Desert Guy

I have a new DELL Latitude E6510 with Windows 7 and am running Visio 2007. This ran fine for a week and then last week I started getting this message whne using Visio a few times. Did the usual re-boots and ran only Visio with no other apps open. I disabled the Bluetooth drive and that worked for a couple of day but I got the message again today.
I checked and the Bluetooth is still disabled. So any help is appreciated.


my 2 cents....I would focus on the Dell side of the equation.

You could try to reinstall.

Paul Herber

Don't see why the Dell should be a problem, I have all Dells here, desktops = laptops, no problems. My 2p.
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consistently a step down from HP or lenovo in terms of stability


I just submitted a post here titled "Visio2007 crashes when copy/paste objects".

What is interesting here is that I am running on a Dell Latitude E6510 / Win 7 as well!! I wonder if we are on to something here?

My copy runs OK until I do any Copy/Paste object operation. Desert Guy, could you confirm whether yours' crashes when you do a copy/paste?

As I said in my post, I've already tried uninstall/reinstall and applied SP2. Same outcome: crash.


has anyone solved this problem? I have the same one, with my Dell Pc. I have Sp2 installed and my bluetooth devices disabled.


My work PC is a Dell Inspirion 546 running 64bit Windows 7.  Have had no troubles with either V2003 or V2007.
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