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Can't select exisiting shape...Visio 2003

Started by meyco, March 28, 2011, 08:39:04 PM

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I have a shape on a drawing that is simply made up of three retangular boxes, then grouped together as one shape.  The composite shape was assigned to a certain layer, and later I desided to assign it to a different layer.  To do this, I selected the shape, went to the layer selection list (via Format>Layer) and removed the check mark from the original layer, then put a check mark in the new layer and clicked ok.  Now the hape is no longer accessable.  Now I can't select the shape.  It acts as if it is locked, yet all layers are unlocked.  What has possibly happenedd here?.  I can't delete the shape, or move it or anything; it's just stuck there.

Paul Herber

You should have done Control-Z (Undo) immediately. Now try the document Explorer (menu View -> Document Explorer) and look in the foreground pages to find the shape.
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