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MS Excel to MS Visio diagram

Started by jsharma, March 18, 2011, 04:51:30 AM

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I am working on Network design project. I have data in excel sheet and I want to generate all network diagram in MS Visio within a single click.

Here is the scenario. There are several network nodes with unique node ID . These nodes are interconnected with unique Link ID with its own parameter. for example , A -> B -> C -> D -> E -> A This is one ring. There may be some nodes connected to any of these node , for example c -> F -> G. This is open ended.

We have several rings for one cluster.

Now we need Visio diagrams with unique shape for sites on Ring or sites on open system. Also link has to be assigned with different shapes based on link capacity. Also, data for each links has to be displayed . There has to be connection strings for excel or database as data keeps changing as design is still under process.

We can not do this manually as the number of nodes are around 3000.

I was told that this can be done either with VBA coding or C++. I am familiar with T-SQL to some extend but new to VBA scripts.

I will be grateful if somebody help me with these coding and recommend where to start from. I can provide some sample data if you needed.



If you have 3000 nodes (even assuming only a 1=>1 relationship) you probably have almost that many links, then Excel is not a practical data source for the project your attempting. The problem of course is two parts, data access and drawing. Maybe this will help for the vba data side
The drawing side of this project is an orgchart, but since most networks today are TCPIP (and hierarchial) the basics/concepts are here and can easily be adapted.

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