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Service map problem

Started by Hydrosine, March 16, 2011, 09:03:34 AM

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Hey, i am fairly new to visio 2010 and am running into some problems at the moment.
I'm creating Service maps for a large company as my internship assignment.

Service maps are a visual representation of the dependencies in a service. Currently i'm working on the printing and scanning service.
I created an Excel sheet in which all parts of the service exist sorted in categories like, ID, Service (all the same in this one), Stream (hardware,software,services,settings,customers), Smaller stream(Hardware is split into servers,network,peripherals and storage devices), Component (the actual server or setting). A lot other categories exist like Owner, First to speak to, Supplier and SLA. But the first i mentioned are the ones that are important for my visio drawing.

Basically i want that when i drop the Smaller stream servers on a shape it gets filled with all the components. I have been trying several things with data tables but i can not get it too work. Am i trying something impossible here?
I also tried using the text and linking them all manually, but this is very time consuming and it will be impossible for others to update the map when i am gone!

I hope I explained it clearly..


This type of analysis is probably more appropriate to something like a pivot table since it is based heavily on relationships and the desire to drill down. I'd start by attempting to get the pivot table drill down to first work as a standalone in either Excel or SQL (probably not an intern level of challange) and then move it to Visio for the visualization.


Hmm the concept of a pivot table was unknow to me. After looking it up it seems like that is what i am creating now.
I started by creating the Visio map, and after some more insights i noticed that it would be handy to keep a sheet next to it with more information in it.

What would be nice is if i click a shape in Visio that i get linked to the row in the sheet with more information.

I think i explained it too difficult in the first post, and auto fill is not neccesary..
Any suggestions?


The implementation is a little different. You create the data in your source, then link it to the template. So the data linking is automatic and part of the process. You might want to check these out



Super, thats some very nice information.

If i run into something I check back here :)

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