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Data sources - link data from two spreadsheets in one diagram

Started by lace42, August 06, 2008, 05:36:00 PM

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Hi all!
I am new to the forum and have searched for the answer for a few days before posting.

I need to incorporate to two spreadsheets in one Visio diagram for one data graphic. I can successfully use the Data Selector to link to the two spreadsheets, one at a time, but when I close and re-open the file, only the first spreadsheet I linked is displayed in the external data window. When I attempt to refresh the data, the second spreadsheet is displayed, but when I select refresh, I receive "? ? ?" in the refresh dialog.

Microsoft's tutorial displays two sheets in one of their screenshots, but does not demonstrate how to achieve this. Does anyone have any ideas?



When you import 2 datasources into Visio, you will get 2 pages in your external data window. One for each datasource, you can switch between them like normal pages in Visio. When updating the data, as default Visio only updates the active (visible) datasource. Clicking refresh all should ... no suprises here ... refresh all of them. Why you recieve " ? ? ? " I don't know. Perhaps it can no longer see what shape the data needs to be linked to. If i recall correctly theres two different ways of linking the data, or atleast remembering what shape the row is linked to. Im not sure what the two ways are but as I recall Visio asks you how to link the data at somepoint. Perhaps trying the other method might help?

- Lars

O right, the data in the rows, or the row order are the two options, they can be changed in the data explorer window -> refresh data -> confugure... ->  unique identifier

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