Create drawings from template, having it auto save as a drawing?

Started by eriksamu, March 11, 2011, 05:56:10 PM

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FYI, I'm pretty new to Visio.  Our company just purchased 2010 and I've been assigned the task to create a template file.  I've successfully been able to navigate around for the most part EXCEPT I would really like the following to happen:  other users will open the template file, perform the necessary actions, then save it.  What I want is to have it automatically save as a drawing not template IF they click on the Save button instead of the "Save As".  I've found a way around by just saving another file based on the template as a drawing that is obviously blank.  Is this the only way?  Also, what is the disadvantage of doing it this way, if any?

Erik, thanks in advance to whomever takes the time to actually read this! Lol


If you open a template with file->open you open it in edit mode, so when you save it you save the template again.

If you open it with doubleclick from explorer I think you open a copy based on the template so Save = Save As. (Don't have Visio at the moment, only what I remember).

Best solution: You can tell Visio where to look for templates and give it the path to your template. From now on you can reach this Template from the Visio start screen. Don't have Visio 2010, so one of the others can tell you how to.

In Visio 2007 it was sth. like Extras-Options-Further Options-Paths (no Visio at the time and a german Version anyway).