Newbie trialling Visio 2010 can't work out how to split a line

Started by geeorge7054, February 23, 2011, 11:45:22 AM

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I'm not totally dumb, and have been looking at what I can find in google along the lines of 'How do you split a line in visio into two new lines, hopefully joined at the split, but hey...

Found something about the shapes menu, operations, Fragment ??? huh, can't find anything about fragment in visio 2010..
Then there was something about a Trim function, can't find that either......

Blimey, I was using CorelDraw 30 years ago and this was simple then, why is it so difficult today in this Microsoft product??

CAn anyone tell me how to split a line please??


if the line is a straight line....cant really break up.....need to shorten to half and copy

If the line is some sort of zigzag/right angle/etc...then fragment would break into line segments.

Key point is that Visio does things in segments with a start and end.   
    Circle start is circle end (basically)
    straight line start is beginning....end is the end
    zigzag has start end start end start end constructs

Take a line....right click open shapesheet
Look at geometry can see how it creates the shape attributes


You could do the following

- Straight line
- another line the intersects/bisects the straight line
- fragment
- remove what you dont want