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question about custom properties

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i want to make some properties (in some cases) unclickable.  i know there's a possiblity to make them invisible but it's not what i want.  i just want them to become grey or something similar so that the user will know that for now he can't change those properties.

is it possible?


Paul Herber:
I don't know of a way to do that but an interesting side effect of making a custom propery invisible -
With a shape with no custom properties:
add a custom property with the default name, then make it invisible
add another custom property and you will be offered the same default name, when the original property is made visble then you have 2 custom properties with the duplicate labels.
Ok, these are only the custom property's labels rather than their names ...

custom property format = actual data.

Shapesheet wise...if you want to do this after somebody enters a property...use action fields to trigger a

it will lock in the value (error posted if somebody tries to change it).

i've just tried it.  didn't work.
maybe i misunderstood you.
i copied the property's value to the property's format.  but i could still change the value when i dragged the shape to the frame.

what did i do wrong?

David, I don't know how to make a property unclickable, but if it is okay for it to look like all the other visible properties but simply discard the users' changes, you could type =GUARD(...) around the formula and type (read-only) at the end of the property's prompt.


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