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[SOLVED] Custom properties / data of Document object

Started by andries, February 16, 2011, 04:15:11 PM

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Thanks to this forum I am getting somewhere in linking Access with Visio. This is great :-)

Can you add custom Data (or a property, I don't know which is the correct naming) to a Document object? My goal is to have an order database, that will link to a document. So I want to have the document to reference the ID of the record in the Order table in Access. I see how I can add Data to shapes (and pages), but not to the entire document.

Is this possible?

My other approach would be to create a page for each order in the order table, but I am not really happy with that, because maybe in the future I need more than one page for an order.

OK, I found the way to open the ShapeSheet of the document...

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