Tips on adding text to Isometric diagrams

Started by joemako, July 30, 2008, 04:37:23 PM

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I read the comments on, and I wondered if anyone had some tips on adding text to isometric diagrams. I have tried using WordArt, but have so far been unable to get it right.

If I just rotate the text 26.565 deg in Visio, it looks close, but still needs to be skewed to look correct.

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Fonts seem to be an issue.  Thought I saw something on one of the Visio forums, but, cannot track it down.  Google produced the following:

Visio 2019 Pro



Thank you :) That is exactly what I was looking for.

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Hi Joe,

This article: Go 3D with Free Isometric Piping Shapes for Visio links to the isometric piping shapes from Junichi Yoda. Part of his download includes isometric fonts that look nice. There are two fonts - skewed-left and skewed-right. These might help you.

I don't think that the Visio-SVG-Visio hack will work with fonts. But if it does, please let us know!
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