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Changing rotation with shape data

Started by Michelle, August 06, 2008, 01:25:52 PM

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I am working with a shape that (I hope) will automatically create itself depending on the user's choices in the Shape Data box.  I am having trouble getting a sub-shape to rotate based on one of these choices. 

I'd like my sub shape to change from 0 to 90 degrees based on a choice made.  I can get it to sit at 0deg or 90deg, but not to rotate per the option.  I tried putting "IF(Sheet.5!Prop.PanelDirection=("B"),90 deg,0 deg)" in the Angle cell for the sub shape's shape sheet... 

I wanted to attach a drawing, but I couldn't get it below 250KB  :'(
Any ideas what I am doing wrong?



angle = guard(if(strsame(variable, "B"), 90 deg, 0 deg))


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