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question about the page shapesheet

Started by david, July 23, 2008, 07:10:05 AM

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for some reason the following formula didn't work:

i wrote it in the FillForegnd cell  of one of the shapes:


mask_color is a property i added to the custom properties of the page.

the formula wasn't recognized.

anyone knows the reason?


Visio Guy

Hi david,

Is the row name "mask_color" or just the Label? (check the ShapeSheet..."mask_color" should be red)

Otherwise, I'm not sure...
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Paul Herber

Quote from: david on July 23, 2008, 07:10:05 AM


Hi David, you don't need the quotes in the formula. The quotes will make it a text string instead of a formula.

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Hey David --

Is your prop.mask_color part of your shape custom properties?  If so, it's not a page property but rather a shape property.  That being the case, drop the "ThePage!" from your formula.

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thanks for your answers.
Paul, i wrote the quotes only here not in the formulas.
wapperdude, it's not a mistake.  it indeed should be the page property.  it should affect all the shapes in the same page.

anyway, the formula i wrote works in a regular shape (not a group).  but when i wrote exactly the same formula in the fillforegnd cell of a shape which is a member of a group for some reason it didn't work.

anyone know why?


The shapes in the group will not automatically inherit the group settings.  So, just as you did ThePage! for the group, you need to pass the page info into the shapes.
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Visio Guy

A reference to ThePage! should work at all levels of grouping in Visio shapes - ie: every shape and sub-shape on a given page has equal access to ThePage. Not sure why it didn't work.
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Could it be that the value of the property is whats trowing off Visio? so the value of the "mask_color" ?

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