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Isometric "Decision" shape (diamond)

Started by nutropia, December 09, 2010, 01:44:38 PM

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I have looked through all of the Isometric/Oblique posts on this site and others and I'm wondering if anyone has created a flowchart "decision" shape (diamond)? I'm aware of the Isometric shapes that Vojo has posted but I don't seem to be able to manipulate/skew shapes such as the cube to look good as a diamond within an isometric layout. Any help would be appreciated!


double click to adjust the  X Y Z of the shapes.....right click for behaviors (light source reference, light sort enable/set, etc)

I do have other shapes...let me know what exactly you need

Couple of notes:
  - My shapes are powerful shapes but dont have any app intelligence (ie usable in any org chart add ons)
  - A simple trick is draw a shape along 2 axis....then copy offset N gives the appearance of 3D Iso.


Hi Vojo, I think that the difficulty that I am having is with the rotation and skewing of a shape such your scaled cube to make it appear as a diamond shape in a flowchart.  As a rough workaround what I did in the below attached jpg is to use 2 of Yoda's traingular shapes in an attempt to create the diamond.  Many thanks for any assistance that you could provide.


I dont have an iso diamond per se....currently playing with manifolds

As a quick and dirty iso diamond....see below and VSD

in the following
  - pick a shape (diamond)
  - make width 2X height
  - rotate 15 degrees
  - copy paste
  - set to new color
  - zoom to 1600
  - manually vertically align
  - group
  - set line width to 5 or so
  - copy paste
  - copy paste
  - copy paste
  - select all
  - use shape ==> align ==> rigth vert
  - set fill color and line color
  - take only 1 group
  - copy paste
  - set line and fill to a lighter color
  - place over other groups
  - select all
  - use shape ==> align ==> right vert
  - group all
  - viola

basically, this uses some optical  graphica;l tricks to fool viewer into thinking iso

works for any 2D slice of a 3D shape

you can now scale and such as you see fit

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