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question about the page shapesheet

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for some reason the following formula didn't work:

i wrote it in the FillForegnd cell  of one of the shapes:


mask_color is a property i added to the custom properties of the page.

the formula wasn't recognized.

anyone knows the reason?


Visio Guy:
Hi david,

Is the row name "mask_color" or just the Label? (check the ShapeSheet..."mask_color" should be red)

Otherwise, I'm not sure...

Paul Herber:

--- Quote from: david on July 23, 2008, 02:10:05 AM ---

--- End quote ---

Hi David, you don't need the quotes in the formula. The quotes will make it a text string instead of a formula.

Hey David --

Is your prop.mask_color part of your shape custom properties?  If so, it's not a page property but rather a shape property.  That being the case, drop the "ThePage!" from your formula.

thanks for your answers.
Paul, i wrote the quotes only here not in the formulas.
wapperdude, it's not a mistake.  it indeed should be the page property.  it should affect all the shapes in the same page.

anyway, the formula i wrote works in a regular shape (not a group).  but when i wrote exactly the same formula in the fillforegnd cell of a shape which is a member of a group for some reason it didn't work.

anyone know why?


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