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Enumerate multi-branched flow charts

Started by RSut, November 09, 2010, 05:17:36 PM

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Hello, I can enumerate the shapes on an unbranched flow-chart. But I have complex processes to represent as multi-branched flow charts. Each unbranched component of the chart has several steps on it (as shapes I provide as stencils) , each chart has somewhat different branching structures. The creator of each chart enters data via shape text and shape data. My purpose is to extract that information. What is the best procedure to enumerate each linear component (branch), to identify each junction point? I will map the input shape data against the chart, as a preliminary to further analysis. Can visio help me here? Thanks- RSut

Paul Herber

I would have answered earlier but I expected Al Edlund to reply to this, he has in the past mentioned some code to explore all the connection routes within a diagram, ah, found it:
Electronic and Electrical engineering, business and software stencils for Visio -


Thank you! Very useful source of examples. From the discussion, Visio 2010 simplifies some aspects - incl: ConnectedShapes and GluedShapes API methods. Now to start thinking.. rsut

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