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Cannot Resize Stencil to fit Rack

Started by pjamme, November 02, 2010, 07:02:13 PM

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I am definitely a newbie to Visio.  I have been able to diagram most of my server room, but my APC SU700RMNet is driving me nuts.  The closest I could come was a SU700RM2U (MFS) from APC.  Close enough for me, but it will not let me resize it no matter what I try.  I want it to fit inside a standard 47U rack, it is the UPS for the switches.  It is too wide and the only thing I can do is move it.  What am I missing.

Thanks in advance,


open the protections and shapesheet.

for protection, make sure width/height check boxes are unmarked
for shapesheet....make sure the function GUARD is not in the width/height cells.

I have never used APC shapes, but most of the product stencils allow you to resize them


Thanks for the prompt reply.  I need a little assistance with your recommendation.

How do I open the protections and shapesheet?

Please reemeber I did say I was a newbie.


the su700rmnet (su700rm2u) has been discontinued (at least according to apc, was replaced by the sua750). It is a 19in device so should fit. Did you resize the rack? Where did you get the shape (and is it a visio shape)? When you you pull the shape over the rack do the connection points become active?
just curious,


for protection
    right click ==>format ==>protection

for shapesheet
    make sure none of the cells (primarily width and height) dont have the following form


I downloaded visio stencils from APC and I had to use the SU700rm2u.  I didn't want to resize the stndard 19 inch rack as it has the catalyst 3750 switches and the patch panels and they are fine.

The attached is all I see in format for the object and when i click on the grid i don't have the format option.
The properties does not show GUARD.


Vojo was pointing you at the shapesheet. Since it doesn't appear in your screen grab, I suspect that you don't have your copy of visio configured for 'developer mode'. Can you share with us what version of visio your using, and the url of where you got your apc stencil (I was unable to find it on the apc site).


downloaded stencil

- They are 1D shapes with actual JPEGs included  
- Height is need to unmark it   (protection still there for 2003...not sure what you are using)
- JPEG inside has width protected (need to change shape behaivor to "group first" from "group only" to even see the JPEG attributes)
 (note the JPEG is scaled based on the page scale....could play with that some if you page - no shapes - right click shapesheet and see page scale cells).
- No GUARD in the shapesheets

What you showed is neither the protection panel (2 columns...something like 6 boxes per column)
Neither is it the shapesheet (basically looks like a custom Excell spreadsheet...much much much more info than your picture).

This is going to be pretty complicated...decent you will have to get good at visio for some of this.

If you want to hold the connect points...roll up your sleeves and scrub in
If you just want the picture...copy...paste special==>bitmap or emf.   That should allow you treat the image freely (scale, size, rotate, whatever).

I am using 2003...may need advice on how to find these on 2007/2010



Using Visio Professional 2010, Version 14.0.4760.1000 (32-bit).  
I believe that stencil is the same one I was using and yes it does work.  I believe my standard 19" rack was the problem.  I'll move my switches and patch panels to your rack.
thanks, where did the rack come from by the way.  I have tons of stencils and don't have anything like your rack.

Well after closer appraisal your rack would not fit on my page (51U) and when I tried to resize it the UPS was too big.
I was trying to make it the same size as my HP 47U  Rack 10647 G2 which fits nicly on my 11"x17" page.


That's a Wrightline, and yes it is a 51u (just used it 'cause it was already in a working stencil). I get my stencils from Altima (netzoom). I was able to show my boss that the time saved buying the package was worth it in not having to spend a lot of time trying to find the 'free' stuff. One of the things I really like about them is that if a vendor/component isn't available they will create one for me in typically a couple of days (it's part of the price).


I found out how to get into Shape sheet.  Pagescale says 1 in.


I was going to caution about changing these prebuilt shapes heights/width. Because these are scaled objects that are supposed to reflect real world components, you should be careful not to try and resize them by dragging. It's not unusual to see a page scale of "1in". You have to remember to match it against the drawing scale (IME usually "1ft"). This makes a nice ratio for displaying a single rack on a page (72in rack=6ft = about 3/4 of an 8.5x11 page). With scaled drawings (IME) to change the relative size of a rack, you alter the page setup using the drawing scale, not by changeing the shapes.


Thanks aledlund,
I am, taking it slow and making frequent backup copies.  I have way too much time in this already to have to start over.
I looked at the Netzoom stencils.  probably won't be spending $500 any time soon on stencils.  I'll have to make do with what I found on the internet.

I started looking around Microsoft yesterday for tutorials but ran out of time.  Hopefully I can look some more today or tomorrow.

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