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Show ports number in a switch

Started by ivancasher, October 24, 2010, 12:48:15 AM

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   Hi guys, It´s my first time working with visio and i have a little problem, i need show de number of each port in a switch, but i don´t know how ¿?¿?..

Sorry but my y English is not very good.

Thank´s a lot


I'd start over at and check out the vendor supplied stencils. There are also some interesting articles over here


I have this

And i want this

How can I do this ????  (I´ve Visio 2003)

Thanks aledlund, but i need something more easy, i think

Paul Herber

Can you not just add text boxes at the appropriate places? You can then group the switch shape with text boxes.
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Paul is can just add the text blocks and group the big deal....10min effort at most
From there, you can get more creative.   For example, set format to members first and you can create popups per port number.
(when a cursor passes over the text block, a pop shows something like purpose, speed, Serial number, MAC address or VLAN settings or or or)
Many of the network shapes have this kind of info in the customer proprieties.

However, you may want to consider something first.   Usually, things like port number are applied to a fairly realistic rendering of the object
(a reasonable facsimile of an actual switch).   You might want to think through first the idea of putting port numbers on a logical icon.
Questions like:
   - What all do I want to connote with this shape/group/etc
   - Is this a static everything needs to be see....or I can use other methods for such details (pop ups is only 1 option here)
   - Since you used logical, I assume this is not a rack or floor plan rendering...more of a fabric rendering.
   - etc

rate my networks    can give you some good examples of how people present network topologies pictorially.


It was made with text boxes, i thought there was some hidden menu items, or something else.

Thanks Paul Herber y vojo

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