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Method for displaying the unit number on Microsofts rack stencil?

Started by Budgie, September 20, 2010, 05:54:57 AM

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Hi all, I've done some searching and can't find an answer to this so thought I'd ask.

Visio 2007, using Microsofts Rack Diagram template and the 'cabinet' shape.  Is there a way to make the cabinet shape show the 'unit number' up one side of the shape and to increment/decrement (i.e. show/hide) the unit numbers dynamically as the rack height is changed?  For instance using the standard 42RU cabinet, it'd list 01, 02, 03 and so on up to 42 say on the left hand bar (say in between the RU connector points).  If you resize the rack to 40RU, the number's 41 and 42 disappear, conversely if you resize it to 45RU it adds the 43, 44 and 45..

Any info/assistance appreciated.

cheers Tony


Not without modifying the shape. Some custom vendor shapes already have the numbers on them (IBM as an example), but of course they are not dynamic since they already illustrate the correct configuration for the model/part number.


Thanks Al,

I expected as much and was hoping someone might be able to offer the solution for modifying the shape to do this.. 

cheers Tony

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