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Parallel coloured lines between switches to represent VLANs

Started by Markg, July 19, 2010, 01:18:59 PM

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I am trying to a make drawings like the one below (Copyright© Juniper Networks, Inc.).
I have tried the following:

- Used a dynamic connector between two switches and then 'Shape > Operations > Offset' to add parallel lines. The problem is that when I move one of the switches, only the dynamic connector follows.

- Used the '4 lines' connector that is available, but it doesn't connect to the center of the switch and when changing the colour of a line, all the lines change colour.

Anyone know of a practical way to replicate this?




You ought to be able to do this by:
  1>  set the Snap & glue properties such that both snap to shape geometry is checked and glue to shape geometry is checked.  You can play with the other settings.
  2>  under advanced tab, you may want to increase the snap strength for grids.  This will help with uniform placement of the connectors.
  3>  use the dynamic connector and draw from shape edge to shape edge.  (Don't use the center to center feature.)  You will have to color each connector as desired.

Other things to explore under File >Page Setup, Layout and Routing tab:
  1>  Style "straight"
  2>  Separate "all lines"
  3>  Overlap "No lines"
  4>  Appearance "straight"

Spacing button:    Connector to connector set to some smaller number than default.


Visio 2019 Pro


might also want to try to build your own connectors for this kind of thing

Could do the following:
   - Make say 4 straight lines
   - Group them
   - subselect each shapesheet to make sure nothing depends on the height of the group shape
   - Place connectors at the group level on each end (via group shape sheet)
   - set group behavior to 1D (may need to play with hieght inside group shapesheet)
   - set box/guides/etc in the group shape shapesheet as appropriate (cosmetic stuff)
   - set members first in behavior so you can edit the lines

This should allow you to stretch and rotate the group as needed
This should allow you to attach the group to another shape
This should allow you to select a member to change color or line pattern

If pleased, create a stencil for this so that you can use it late on other shapes.


If the diagram wasn't going to change very often, like for a sales slick, you might be able to just use the pencil to draw lines and then rotate them and stack them side by side. They won't connect obviously, but it should look fine.

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