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Sequential numbers for dropping shapes

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I'm trying to edit a shape so the text number in it will increase by 1 each time I drop it onto the drawing.

Are you willing to use VBA?

Visio Guy:
Hi nukie,

Have a look under Tools > Add-ons > Visio Extras > Number Shapes...

This might do what you need.

:O How did i miss that option, I knew there was something like that when using certain templates ( like Piping template )
but I never knew this was this easy.

Thank you so much, I've been trying to find out how to do this for so long. I knew there would be an easier way than doing them all manually!

Need some more help though, when I insert a square object and rotate 90o to give a diamond, the inserted numbers are on an angle as well. How do I make them horizontal?


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